Bright Ideas. Eco-Friendly Play. Illuminating the Imagination with Geomag Glow

Geomagworld has been innovating with magnets since 1998, introducing young innovators and learners to the creative and imaginative world of magnet-building fun. Through its magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomagworld has provided a fun, constructive, and educational environment for children to explore the limitless possibilities of magnetism. For 25 years Geomag has created numerous product ranges; from Magicube, Classic Geomag in multiple colour ways and themes such as Panels, Supercolor, Glitter, Glow, and for old builders comes Mechanics.  One concept, three platforms, all ages!   

From building blocks to complex structures, Geomag has something for all ages. All toys are made with the utmost care and respect for the environment. Geomag is committed to reducing its environmental impact. All the company’s products are manufactured in the European Union, Switzerland, with all power used 100% renewably. To ensure their operations didn’t require any fossil fuel energy sources, the company converted their factory to run by hydro power. By doing this, Geomagworld has drastically reduced its carbon footprint and even makes its toys from 100% recycled plastic, meaning no new plastic is created in the process.

Geomag is an excellent tool for independent play and collaborative activities. Regardless of age, kids and adults can explore, experiment and create in a relaxed and interactive environment with magnetic rods and metal spheres. It encourages creativity, engineering capabilities, and problem-solving skills and encourages teamwork as it allows multiple people to collaborate to achieve their desired shape or structure. With its variety of colours and shapes, Geomag allows individuals to explore the different ways that magnets attract or repel each other, a great way to learn about magnetism! Geomag is an excellent tool for developing spatial thinking, practicing fine motor skills as well as providing hours of educational fun.

Geomag toys are certified toys and are perfect for a fun and sustainable learning experience. These educational toys have been carefully reviewed and evaluated to ensure that they meet rigorous standards of quality learning experiences so your children can get the most out of their playtime while learning invaluable skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The Geomag Glow range is the perfect educational toy for young children aged 3+. It includes the Geomag Glow 93-Piece Set (339) that stimulates children to explore and create amazing constructions using the power of magnets. Made with 100% recycled plastic and a natural plant-based glow it is certain to inspire creativity and develop problem-solving skills. helping to build a strong understanding of basic science concepts. The Glow rods come to life in the dark, providing an all-around mesmerizing experience for your child. With 93 pieces that connect through the power of magnetism and allow endless construction possibilities, Geomag Glow provides a stimulating and engaging environment. In the Glow range, there are also sets available in various sizes, the (328) 25-piece set, (329) 42-piece set, and the (338) 60-piece set.

All Geomag Glow sets can be added to other Geomag ranges to make even bigger sets.  As the range continues to expand, it allows the models, and the children’s achievements, to increase to impressive heights.

The Geomag (328) Glow 25 Piece Set costs £19.99 from ToysRus

The Geomag (329) Glow 42 Piece Set costs £34.99 from TheToyShop

The Geomag (338) Glow 60 Piece Set costs £39.99 from Amazon

The Geomag (339) Glow 93 Piece Set costs £45 For more information visit