Canon EOS R3 Body

Canon EOS R3 Introducing

The EOS R3 will change the way you think about mirrorless cameras. The new back-illuminated stacked sensor allows you to freeze the action with a shutter speed of just 1/64,000 sec and continuous shooting at up to 30 frames per second. Eye Controlled AF intelligently recognizes and tracks subjects as you shoot – ideal for sports, news and wildlife photography.

Master movement

The EOS R3 captures fleeting moments at up to 30 frames per second, revealing details that would otherwise have escaped the naked eye.

The camera’s back-illuminated stacked sensor is so fast that even when using the electronic shutter, fast movements can be frozen without the risk of rolling shutter effects. This enables shutter speeds of 1/64,000 sec at 30 fps with full AF/AE tracking.

Capture every move at 30 fps

At the heart of the Canon R3 Camera Body is a back-illuminated stacked sensor – developed exclusively by Canon. It’s faster and more sensitive than anything we’ve put in a camera before. This gives you even more power when you’re working under pressure.

The new sensor has its circuitry on the back instead of the front, allowing it to pick up more light, which reduces noise. Two layers of circuitry are stacked on top of each other, increasing the speed at which the sensor can send image data to the DIGIC X processor. This speed not only enables continuous shooting at 30 frames per second (with full AF and AE), but also enables the camera to check focus 60 times per second. The uninterrupted electronic viewfinder updates at 120fps for an incredibly realistic image, even when shooting fast-moving subjects.

The sensor’s specifications have been optimized to achieve a perfect balance between resolution, low-light characteristics and transferable file size to meet the needs of professional news and sports photographers. The Digital Lens Optimizer maximizes the detail of the lens in combination with the sensor, resulting in image quality that far exceeds expectations.

State of the art electronic shutter

The breathtaking speed of the EOS R3’s sensor will change the way you think about the electronic shutter. Until now, it has been unavoidable that rolling shutter effects caused distortion when photographing fast-moving subjects, leaving photographers with no choice but to switch to mechanical shutter mode. The EOS R3 is different, however.

Since the sensor can read the image data so quickly, rolling shutter effects are virtually impossible. Now, with an electronic shutter, photographers can freeze motion at breakneck speeds of up to 1/64,000 second—all in complete silence. Electronic shutter flash sync is also possible, at speeds up to 1/180s, with either Canon Speediness or even non-Canon flashes.

The Canon R3 UK electronic shutter is as quiet as you’d expect – only this time it works at an incredible 30fps, with full AE and AF tracking, and with any RF lens. Those who do not need this enormous speed can also choose the options with 15 frames per second or 3 frames per second.

Immediate readiness is a basic requirement in news photography. Here the camera convinces with its reduced start-up time and the menu option for the shutter release delay reduced by only 0.02 seconds. As you’d expect from Canon, 30fps continuous shooting is possible in all shooting modes, including 14-bit RAW.

Low light? No problem!

With an ISO sensitivity of ISO 100 to ISO 102,400 (expandable from ISO 50 to ISO 204,800), the EOS R3 can cope with practically all lighting conditions that you will encounter at work. The new back-illuminated design of the sensor offers even more dynamic range and reduces digital noise. Combined with the EOS R3’s ability to focus in extremely low light, this is a camera that can truly be called the flagship of low-light photography.

Electronic shutter flicker detection

Thanks to advances in Canon sensor technology, the EOS R3 is the first mirrorless EOS with flicker detection when using the electronic shutter. Detecting high-frequency flicker can eliminate banding when shooting with LED light sources, significantly increasing the number of usable images in difficult conditions.

Advanced Eye Control AF

Ever used a camera that felt like it was reading your mind? With our next-generation Eye Control autofocus technology, the EOS R3 focuses where your eyes are looking. This unparalleled autofocus control allows the camera to react as quickly as you do – an invaluable skill in dynamic scenes.

Fast, intuitive autofocus

The EOS R3 takes care of focus so you can focus on other things. Eye Control AF, advanced scene recognition and exceptional low-light sensitivity deliver an incredible shooting experience.

The revolution in autofocus: Eye Controlled AF

The EOS R3 offers a completely new and natural way of focusing: You choose an AF point or the subject to be tracked simply by looking at it. Half-pressing the camera’s shutter button then either focuses on the selected AF point or initiates focuses tracking on the selected subject. There is simply nothing that compares.

The combination of Eye Controlled AF and focus tracking makes the Canon R3 body an excellent action camera. Do you photograph track and field athletes on the track? Then you select the runner you want to track simply by looking at them. After pressing the shutter, the EOS R3 will recognize this athlete in the group and track the focus on him. And that works with all sorts of subjects: from politicians in press conferences to motorcycles on racetracks to birds in the sky.

The Eye Controlled AF system is easy to calibrate and calibration settings can be saved and recalled instantly. They can even be exchanged between different cameras via memory card. One and the same camera can be programmed for different photographers or for a photographer who sometimes wears glasses and sometimes wears contact lenses. Of course, selecting the AF points is also possible with the camera’s multi-controller or our unique smart controller.