Considerations While Making Bottle Packaging

Bottle Packaging

You will find bottles as the packaging of almost every liquid product. No matter it is water, beverage, cosmetic serum, or any other liquid item, everything is sold in bottles. The size and style of the bottle might vary according to the product, but the choice will remain the same. Therefore, bottles hold great importance in the retail industry. These are used in several businesses like water, cold drinks, wines, cosmetics, cleaning, oils, etc.

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The manufacturers make personalized boxes for these different types of bottles. Customization is a great approach in packaging as it allows the specification of different aspects. It lets the sellers choose the material, size, design, and other factors of boxes. Therefore, most bottled items have custom bottle boxes that are made according to their requirements.

When making bottle packaging, consider the following factors:

Size of Packaging Should Be According to Bottles:

Bottle Packaging

The bottles vary in size in a huge range. For instance, the same product might vary from a small 10ml bottle to a large 1.5l bottle. So, the packaging size must be according to the bottle. The packaging size can be adjusted according to the product through customization. The custom bottle boxes are made by specifying the dimension and accurate measurement of the product. Also, the sellers make a range of boxes for the same product. For example, the lotion boxes are made in many different sizes. The boxes for short bottles are small and for huge ones are larger.

Protection Requirements for Different Materials:

The bottles are manufactured from different types of materials, like plastic, glass, or metal. The plastic bottles are commonly used for water, while the glass bottles are used for juices and wines. However, the metal is mostly for can manufacturing. However, the packaging requirement for protection will vary. The glass bottles require thick r material like rigid boxes to keep them safe. However, plastics are more durable, and simple paper packaging will be enough. Therefore, the packaging expectations are different according to the material of the bottles.

Insert Type According to Shapes:

The bottle packaging always requires an insert. The insert holds the product in place and supports it. For example, there are holders inside the packaging of most bottles. These inserts can be made of cardboard, pulp, plastic, and foam. Also, the insert is designed according to the bottles, as the requirement of every product varies. Therefore, the custom boxes for bottles are produced with their insert.

Design of the Packaging for Number of Bottles:

The bottle packaging varies in style and design. The bottles can be packaged individually or as a pack of four or more. The packaging design can be cartons that fully enclose the bottles, or it can be carry-out boxes that only hold them. The carry-out boxes are common in most beverages. However, the products that are moved in large numbers require fully enclosed cartons. Only luxury drinks like expensive wines are packaged individually. Also, this individual packaging is made up of quality materials and stylish designs.

Shipping of the Bottles:

The packaging must be made according to the shipping requirements of the products. For example, the bottles that have to move a large distance require a sturdy box. The boxes should be sturdy and durable so that they can withstand all the moving and handling. Also, they must be properly sealed so that packaging does not open or leak. A packaging that is weak and open will cause the loss of products. If the bottles fall or wear out, there can be a loss of the products. Therefore, the packaging must survive its shipping requirements.


In conclusion, the sellers have to consider several factors when making bottle boxes. The bottle boxes are required for different types of products, so they should be adjusted accordingly. You have to consider the size, material, insert type, and shipping requirements of the custom boxes for bottles.