Download and save free songs on your PC with the help of these programs

Listening and storing music on our computer is something quite common nowadays. In fact, since the appearance and popularization of Internet use, this has become one of the most popular activities carried out by users. Although we must be careful not to violate intellectual property rights, the fact of downloading songs and music videos does not have to be far from the law if we comply with it.

Although streaming music services have become fashionable, the truth is that we only have a license to listen to it, but not to store it. That is why there are many users who prefer to have their songs physically on their computer and be able to save them on other devices. Today we are going to talk about both programs and websites from where you can download music for free.

Programs to download music

Next, we are going to see different programs to download free new mp3 on our computer.

We should also mention that it allows you to record the downloaded videos on DVD and Blu-Ray , and incorporates other very useful additional functions such as the possibility of capturing a screen, converting videos to other formats and recording sound.

Of course, we must bear in mind that this software

has been developed so that we can download copyright -free content in a completely legal way, respecting creative commons rights, so it will depend on the responsibility of each user who makes good use of this useful tool. tool.

We can download tube Catcher for free from its website. We must be careful during its installation as it will try to install unwanted software.

MP3 Rocket, one of the largest media file network

In this case we are talking about a program to download free music, as well as videos and movies to our computer. With it we will have access to one of the largest media networks since it has more than 120 million multimedia files on the network, so we will surely find any file that we are looking for.

The software is available in multiple languages ​​and includes a media player and video conversion tool. It has a customizable interface

As happens with other programs, MP3 Rocket does not encourage or approve the illegal copying and distribution of material protected by copyright, so the use we make of it will be at the risk of each user.