Four Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Modular Building

Modular Building

How we recycle a modular building

We can find the best pre-owned building for you right away. These properties can be found in our portfolio or in someone else’s – or we can even help find an artisan space that’s currently on the market.

However this property is sourced, the first step would be to establish its condition and value to your project. Trying to upgrade a property that you don’t own would be pointless since someone else might buy it before you have a chance. Step one is deciding whether or not it’s worth the investment of time or money.

Next, we will discuss the changes you want and work with you to agree on the final specifications and associated costs..

It can be wise to get approval for planning documentation and building regulations at the same time. It may save you a few dollars in the long term. When a client agrees to buy a building, we start by stripping it back. That can often involve removing its fixtures, fittings and electrics.

We also remove compromised external walls, and where necessary we remove the floor decking and insulation and replace them. More often than not, we retain the roof structure but replace roofs with new membranes to ensure sufficient air/water protection.

Once we’re satisfied that the building framework is structurally sound, we start rebuilding it. Depending on your specifications and the standard of finish required, we reuse any elements that are in the right condition to meet your needs. This can include anything from carpets, lighting to electrical fittings. If it’s not working, don’t worry – we also build new elements for you too.

All our work is completed to the latest specification, including insulation, fire performance and acoustic separation in partitions. We custom-make new doors and windows or reuse the ones you already have if they suffice. Upgrading your plumbing and inside wiring with the latest high-efficiency standards means you’ll be able to cut back on running costs because light bulbs are LED, thermostat controls are PIR, heaters are instant and pumps that heat the air.

What are the advantages of choosing a recycled / pre-owned building?

With modular construction, there are many advantages to be had. As well as the money- and time-saving benefits, modular buildings offer better design flexibility, quicker builds and less disruption.

1 – It’s even quicker than a new modular building

Standard layout buildings can be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, reconfiguring and refurbishing an office can take a lot of time. With that said, it is not unusual for the process to be completed in as little as eight weeks. For example, we recently worked with one client to quickly design, dismantle, reorganize and reassemble their property into a high-end 3-module modular complex within a space of a few weeks.

2 – It’s remarkably cost-effective

As a general guide, a modular building using a recycled frame will cost somewhere in the region of £800–£900 per square metre (sqm), compared to around £1500/sqm for a new modular building.

3 – It’s highly sustainable and eco-friendly compared to other options

Reducing environmental impact in a circular economy

Modular construction makes up a large part of the drive towards a circular economy, which aims to protect the environment by using fewer resources and minimising disruption to natural resources. By using a modular building, you are not only protecting the environment but also saving on expensive materials and resources. You save time and can reduce the whole-life environmental impact, because these buildings last for years.

Reducing waste to landfill

It’s estimated that more than a third of waste going to landfills is from construction, mainly from the majority of ‘traditional’ construction / demolition work never being recycled. Modular buildings are different when it comes to waste. It’s been shown that off-site manufacturing can reduce waste by up to 90%2. The factory building process is less wasteful, and buildings are designed for easy dismantling with materials or reusable components being recovered. If a building is pre-owned, significant elements can be reused in order to reduce waste. This also means the need for new materials is reduced and the energy required to produce them is significantly less.

4 – We can project manage the contract in its entirety for you

Including (but not limited to) elements such as initial planning application, CAD drawings, building control submissions, temporary roadways, groundworks, crane hire, installation of refurbished buildings, construction of external ramps and steps. We can help you with any building finance needs. Whether you’re searching for a construction loan or looking for advice on setting up your own loan agreement, we’ll be there to assist

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