Gold’s Gym Membership prices (Updated 2022)

Gold’s Gym Membership prices

Gold’s Gym is a well-known fitness club with 700 locations globally. Joe Gold created it in 1965 in Venice, California. It includes a wide range of equipment, training sessions, and classes.

Each Gold’s Gym location has three stages that range from $10 to $40. Gold’s Gym prices an annual price of $49, with a processing fee required upon sign-up as well as the first and last months’ dues. The specific cost of a Gold’s Gym membership, however, varies by state and locale.

Gold Gym has a variety of services, which vary depending on location but include a sauna/steam room, personal training, Gold’s 3D, a loyalty program, and a Pro store. Still not convinced that Gold’s is the gym for you? Continue reading to discover all of the charges you may expect, as well as others you might not.

Gold’s Gym Membership Prices

Gold’s Gym has a variety of membership choices, so you’re likely to find one that suits your needs. Each site has a unique price system, which varies by state. Here’s what you may anticipate paying in Southern California:

LevelSingle BasicPassport PremiumPassport Gold Combo
Monthly Cost$9.95$21.95$29.95
Processing Fee$99$0$0
CommitmentOne YearMonth-to-MonthMonth-to-Month
Annual Fee$49$49$49
Upfront First and Last Months Dues$19.90$43.90$59.90

In South Carolina, they offer four distinct plans, some of which are month-to-month and others of which are yearly contracts:

LevelBasic 12 MonthBasic Month to MonthGold Month to MonthGold Plus Month to Month
Monthly Cost$9.99$19.99$29.99$39.99
Processing Fee$1$1$49$99
CommitmentOne YearMonth to MonthMonth to MonthMonth to Month
Annual Fee$49.99$49.99$49.99$49.99

Because the Gym is a franchise, each location will have various costs, obligations, and fees. 

Visit their website to find out how much it would cost for your desired location.

Deals on Gold’s Gym Memberships

At specific seasons of the year, Gold’s offers discounts and specials. If you time it correctly, you may be able to avoid or minimize your processing charge or monthly rate. Groupon also offers customized packages, such as savings on personal training programs.

Military, teacher, and first responder discounts are also available in the Gold’s Gym memberships package. These might be either a flat cost or a percentage of your monthly membership dues.

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