How to make natural Pigment Green 7?

How to make natural Pigment Green 7?

Natural Pigment Green 7

Green Pigment Green 7, also known as Natural Pigment Green 7, is an organic pigment produced from renewable raw materials (plant). Green Pigment Green 7 has the features of good stability and high purity. It does not contain any heavy metal ions and other toxic inorganic impurities, like cadmium, arsenic, lead and so on which are forbidden by the European Union RoHS directive 2005/108/EC to be used in electronics and electrical products.

What Is Pigment Green 7?

When used in colourants, pigment green 7 is not known to cause allergic reactions. However, it has been linked to mutagenic effects. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists pigments like Pigment Green 7 as possible carcinogens. As a result, pigments like pigment green 7 are often only used in industrial products like paint and plastic. Some countries regulate pigments such as pigment green 7 due to their potential health risks or because they have been shown to damage DNA when exposed to light for extended periods.

For example, Chinese legislation requires the labelling of all substances that damage DNA or cause cancer over a certain threshold dose. Unfortunately, pigment green 7 does meet these requirements. While there is no conclusive evidence that pigment green 7 causes cancer in humans, there is enough data to suggest caution should be taken with its use. In addition to being potentially harmful if inhaled or ingested, pigment green 7 can also cause skin irritation if it comes into contact with your skin. It’s best to avoid direct contact with pigment green 7 unless you need it for your product! If you do choose to use pigment green 7 in your product, please be sure to follow any local regulations regarding its safe handling and disposal.

Ingredients Needed.

potassium nitrate, copper sulphate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride and water. Potassium nitrate will react with copper sulphate and water to form copper (II) acetyl nitrate, while copper (II) acetylnitric acid will act with potassium chlorate and calcium chloride to produce potassium perchlorate plus cupric (II) acetyl nitrate. The addition of a solution of sodium hydroxide to cupric (II) acetyl nitrate gives a green pigment of the formula CHCuN(OCH). This can be converted into pigment green 7 by reaction with phthalic anhydride or maleic anhydride. The pigment is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohols, ethers and glycols. The pigment is used as a paint pigment for artists’ paints such as poster paints and also used in printing ink. It is used as a dyeing agent for cotton fabrics. Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer

Method Of Preparation.

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Where can you buy pigment green 7?

The pigment green 7 is an organic pigment with chlorine, chromium, and iron. This can be used as a pigment for oil paint and acrylic paint. The color of pigment green 7 is yellowish or bluish green, but it will show different shades when mixed with other colors. The price for 100g of pigm. Green 7 pigment is about $8 to $10. You can find pigment green 7 from manufacturers like Sinopac Chemical Co., Ltd.. They offer high quality pigment at competitive prices. We are one of leading pigment suppliers in China. We have been in pigment business for more than 20 years. Our products are sold all over the world, such as USA, UK, Germany, Spain and so on. We have professional staffs who can provide you various kinds of pigment according to your requirements.