Legendary Among Vintage Chairs: The Tulip Chair

Vintage Chairs

This brilliant creation stems from the artistic prowess of Eero Saarinen, one of the foremost architects and furniture designers of the 20th century. Saarinen’s pursuit of balanced and sleek lines resulted in the simple design of the Tulip Chair, conceived between 1955 and 1957. This now vintage chair played a pivotal role in his expansive project to develop the Pedestal Collection for Knoll.

During the period when Saarinen conceptualized his collection, conventional dining tables and chairs were burdened with a surplus of legs. Coupled with the guests’ feet in the room, this led to visual clutter in interiors, obscuring any discernible style. The designer opted for a paradigm shift, aiming to craft something more refined, aesthetically pleasing, yet equally comfortable and technologically advanced.

The Tulip Chair was fashioned using groundbreaking technology. Departing from conventional legs, Saarinen fashioned a base resembling the stem of a tulip—hence the name. This distinctive design imparts a sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic to this vintage mid-century chair.

The choice of material for the Tulip Chair was also aligned with contemporary trends. Saarinen employed fiberglass, allowing for the creation of a sleek chair shape while ensuring strength and lightness. In addition to fiberglass, aluminum and plastic were selected for the chair’s leg, with a soft cushion of matching shape added to enhance comfort.

Over time, several iterations of this vintage chair emerged:

  • Stool
  • Chair without armrests
  • Chair with armrests

Initially, Knoll held the manufacturing rights, and the first vintage chairs even featured an aluminum plaque bearing the author’s signature. However, subsequent manufacturers also began producing a similar model entirely crafted from plastic.

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The Significance of the Tulip Chair in Culture, Architecture, and Interior Design

This model epitomizes innovation, elegance, and an innovative approach to shapes and materials. The Tulip Chair became an integral part of Saarinen’s iconic Pedestal Collection, swiftly attaining the status of a design classic.

The design underscores the principles of minimalism by eschewing unnecessary details and fostering clean lines. This renders the vintage chair versatile and easily adaptable to diverse interiors while maintaining a high level of comfort and functionality. Many designers and architects continue to draw inspiration from the Tulip Chair, fashioning modern interpretations or seamlessly incorporating the original into contemporary interior designs.