Most Compact: SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player

Supereye M3 comes with 16 GB of internal storage which can be expanded with an SD card (64 GB maximum). This allows you to store numerous songs, photos, ebooks and audiobooks. The device also has a built-in FM radio and the ability to record audio from it. In addition, it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 (with aptX codec support), which allows you to stream the player’s pagalworld mp3 to a Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth-enabled TV, etc.

The M3 supports MP3, APE, WMA, WAV and OGG formats, and has a built-in Hi-Fi lossless decoding chip that enables high-resolution music playback. Of course, if you want to really feel the difference, you should use better quality headphones.

Unfortunately, the player cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network. Also, its shiny surface seems to attract too many ugly fingerprint smudges.

Our next product reminds us of the previously reviewed Supereye M3 MP3 player,

albeit a bit more expensive. The device is available only in black color and it looks quite attractive. On the front, you’ll see a 1.5-inch screen and control buttons. The power button is on the left side, the volume controls are on the right, and a 3.5mm jack and USB port are on the bottom. In addition to the player, the package includes all the usual accessories, such as a USB cable and wired headphones, as well as an armband.

The device is well built and the double-sided acrylic

 glass seems quite durable and sturdy. It is quite easy to use and fits in any pocket. At 0.7 inches thick and weighing 2.5 ounces, it’s a real treat for any runner or jogger to carry.

The Mibao MP3 player comes with 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded with an SD card (up to 64GB). Play music, videos, ebooks, audiobooks and photos. It is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and has a built-in FM radio tuner. The player features a Hi-Fi lossless digital noise reduction chip that enables quality music listening. In addition to listening to music, you can watch videos and record music played on the radio.

The device also uses energy-saving technology,

which means that it can provide its users with up to 50 hours of playback.Best mp3 player with Long Battery Life: RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Music Player

The last product on our list of the 6 best MP3 players for audiobooks in 2021 is definitely not the worst. On the contrary, it has a rather attractive design, is extremely light (1.05 ounces), and has an extremely long battery life of even 80 hours.

The Ruizu X02 player comes in black, blue, red, white and rose gold colors with a stunning matte finish that doesn’t attract fingerprints. It has a small 1.8-inch screen. All controls are located on the front panel. On the right side there is an SD card slot. The AUX input, micro USB charging port and on/off switch are located at the bottom.

The device is incredibly compact, making it perfect for any bag or pocket.

 Thanks to its lightness and extreme thinness, it is also a great solution for all people who like to listen to music while doing sports.

No matter what you need it for: listening to music or audiobooks, watching videos, listening to the radio, recording voice, etc., the Ruizu X02 will be able to store all your files. It comes with 8GB of internal storage but also supports micro SD cards (maximum SD card size – 128GB). Supports MP3, FLAC, APE, WMA and WAV formats. Audio performance is quite good. It is possible that you only need to use other headphones because the ones that come with the player are not the best on the market.

Unfortunately, the player doesn’t support Bluetooth and can’t connect to Wi-Fi, but we think it still packs a lot of useful features for such a cheap device.