Robotic packaging at the end of the production line

The case packaging and linear servo tracks demonstrations were highlighted by Brenton to demonstrate how modules can be combined into a robot-based packaging system.

From palletizing to medical device packaging, robotics is becoming increasingly popular in end-of-line packaging, and Brenton had a lot to show at PACK EXPO Connects. Brenton showcased 12 different techniques to integrating robotics into end-of-line packaging, including cutting-edge technologies in case packing and linear servo tracks, among other things.

According to Brenton’s presentation video, the linear servo tracks will support the packaging operation on a high-speed, continuous-motion robotic top load case packer with a continuous-motion robotic top load. The Intelligent Track System (iTrak) from Rockwell Automation automates changeovers and replaces chains and belt drives in a variety of applications. According to Ryan Glenn, vice president of sales, “you can change pitch from a 20-inch pitch to a 25-inch pitch with a single button press.”

Because of the increase in SKUs and the trend toward mass customisation, Glenn believes that this technology is more recent in the case packaging industry. According to him, “it’s becoming less expensive,” and Brenton is one of the first case packing companies to implement the technique. Our customers have expressed great satisfaction with the prototype equipment that we have sold thus far. The primary audience consists of food buyers in the retail sector.

Pharmaceuticals and medical robotics are two areas of interest

Brenton demonstrated the advantages of robotic pick-and-place in the packaging of pharmaceutical and medical device products to the audience. Robotic manufacturing lines are cleaner, more dependable, longer-lasting, and more accurate than manual production lines.

According to Glenn, the government’s packaging Operation Warp Speed and other measures to get COVID-19 test kits and vaccines to the public are exacerbating the need for life sciences manufacturers to improve efficiencies and accelerate manufacturing. “I think we’re almost there,” he said.

Detailed views of complete lines demonstrate solid dose end-of-line packaging, robotic sterilisation tray handling, thermoformed packaging (blister pack packaging), and vial packaging.

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