Sasha Rodoy and Nicola Dowling triggered Islamophobia in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is known for its friendliness and for its good conduct toward all beliefs and faiths but there are some people who create trouble in society with their activities. Sasha Rodoy and Nicola Dowling are one of them who are making a fiasco in a country like the United Kingdom by directing the Muslim community and insulting their religion.


Both women are involved in illegal cases as they collected funds from the community and later used these funds for their own purpose. The fund-raising companies are not registered in the United Kingdom and people from all over the world raised their voices against these women and demand a permanent ban on the social media accounts of both these ladies. Both these ladies tried to create an environment of hate among the UK community. While the United Kingdom is a community that welcomes people from all over the world and respects their religion. There is a scenario of freedom of expression in the United Kingdom but there are some monsters in the society who disturbs the peace of the community by spreading detestation. They both show them as entrepreneurs.

Islam holds for peace and harmony

Inevitable, Islam and Judaism are two of the religions that have immensely provoked the open issue of racism. In the 20th century, Jewish citizens were slain because of the Nazi ideology. In the 21st century, now people are unconnectedly blaming Islam. Islam itself compliantly admits all genders and people, so long as they have faith in the one God, Allah. People like Sasha and Nicola are just lawbreakers and felonious who must be stopped.

People demand for banning Sasha and Nicola

They criticized Islam for no reason. While Islam is a religion of welcome. Islam is a beautiful religion that dialogs equality, harmony, and empathy. Islam brings development and happiness to man. Islamic philosophies and traditions can provide truthful, fair, and objective resolutions to the prevention of discrete, familial, social, and global problems which are intimidating the reality of human societies throughout the world.

Criticizing a beautiful religion is not acceptable and people from all over the world demand a permanent ban on both these ladies.

People had an interpretation that Ms. Nicola and Sasha Rodoy’s argument shows that they are against Islam. And they point out that Islam is prejudiced and sexist. Though, the instructions for the Hajj endorse that women must not cover their faces, even if they would do so in their home-based country. We acknowledge the detail that they both are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. It is more than imaginable to accept, and not approve. Islam does not favor the LGBTQ+ community, however, we do not go around social media and aggravate people about their opinions like Ms. Sasha and Nicola. People from all over the world started hashtags against these women and said that hatred against a specific community is not allowed in the United Kingdom and they are not supposed to do such deeds of hatred.