Should Workplaces need Air Filtration Systems?

air filtration systems

Workplaces must be kept clean and safe. It should be designed to be an area conducive to comfortability and productivity. Any discomfort can cause employees to lose focus and be distracted by elements in their environment, including particles in the air. It is even more crucial to establish a clean environment especially since typical workspaces house a number of people on a box closed off from the rest of the world. One can only imagine how stuffy, warm, and unhygienic the air could easily get if no investments were made for proper ventilation and air filtration systems.

Should Workplaces Get Air Filtration Systems?

The answer is yes. Humans spend up to 90% of their time indoors, which means that clean and breathable air is a priority. Chemicals typically used indoors will easily pollute the air inside. These chemicals may come from chemicals infused in cleaning agents, candles, plants, and textiles. Not to mention that the human body is also a host to several viruses and pathogens. The mere act of exhaling will release these bacteria and viruses in the enclosed space. If the air is left unfiltered, then these could easily find a new host in another person’s system.

As such, good air filtration is a must. It gets rid of undesirable air particles to keep it clean. There are different air filtration systems in the UK that you can choose from, depending on the size of your workspace, the number of workers that stay in the said area, and more.

How To Choose The Best Air Filtration System For You

Check for the technology standards.

This ensures that the system you choose perfectly delivers your desired clean air output. It is best to choose one that is at least 99% effective. As such, make sure that the air filtration system you choose is accredited and passes industry standards. Otherwise, you risk picking a model with subpar performance and quality.

Filtration efficiency

This refers to the system’s efficiency in terms of filtrating air and generating clean air. You may check the efficiency in the product description, which should be certified and tested for guaranteed effectiveness.

Clean air delivery rate

The clean air delivery rate refers to the amount of clean air delivered in your area. The correct rate ensures that the air filtration system is perfectly capable of handling the square footage of your workplace. You will normally need a high-performing air filtration system to keep up with the demands of a spacious workspace.


It helps to get an air filtration with a monitoring system so that you can track and see its performance. The air purifier will be equipped with sensors that allow you to see that the air is of good quality and delivers the clean air delivery rate desired for your space.

There is no question on whether or not your workspace needs an air purifier because every enclosed space must have air filtration systems to create a comfortable and productive space.