The Development of Odysseus Story in ‘The Odyssey’

Author : Homer

Homer, the great epic poet, wrote The Odyssey. The author describes Odysseus’ return to Ithaca in 24 books. It is an adventure story with many interesting events (n.a. 115). Does Odysseus’ character change, grow, or stay the same throughout the novel? Odysseus is a dynamic or circular figure in The Odyssey, unlike in the Iliad and other works of Homer. Characters evolve during the story. So this post will look at how Odysseus changed as a character. So, who was Odysseus?

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The epic poem’s main character is Odysseus. Prince Telemachus was born to Queen Penelope and Odysseus. Odysseus, a legendary warrior, joins the strongest men in the assault on Troy. And as cunning as Niccol Machiavelli. These experiences help influence Odysseus’ character development (Levine 6).

Odysseus changes dramatically in Homer are other great epic, The Iliad. Lord Agamemnon and Menelaus go to Ithaca to recruit Odysseus. Since Penelope had just given birth to his beloved son Telemachus, Odysseus resisted going. To no avail, he joins Agamemnon and Menelaus in battle. Troy’s conflict lasts ten years, and Odysseus becomes a warrior during this battle.

Odysseus, the warrior, is also famous for his cunning in the story. He uses misleading phrases, voices, and disguises throughout the story, and he shifts his appearance and speech. In Book I, the Cyclops Polyphemus is called “Nobody”. “No one is hurting you,” he thrashes Polyphemus (Homer 7). “Nobody is injuring me,” Polyphemus would say when asked what was wrong. “No one will hurt you if you are alone [Polyphemus], so pray to your father, Poseidon” (Homer 8). On the island of Schermie, he similarly gains Nausicaa’s trust. To influence and win over the reader throughout the story.

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Difficulty Homeric kings Unlike characters in modern fiction, they do not age (SparkNotes 1). In The Odyssey, however, Odysseus defies this rule. Due to his eagerness to be recognized and shown splendor, Odysseus spends too much time in the Polyphemus Cave and is imprisoned when the Cyclops returns. He even confronts the Cyclops, angering Poseidon. Finally, he is patient and can let go of his pride. He even pretends to plead. It takes longer for him to be harassed and abused than the suitors. Instead, he suffers until he creates a trap and his loyalties allow him to fight back.

So does Odysseus. She, like Odysseus, saves him. Athena despises Poseidon, the poem’s antagonist. Throughout his journey, he irritates Odysseus. Throughout the poem, Athena helps Odysseus disguise them.

Odysseus, the Homeric leader, was noble, powerful, courageous, and proud of his reign and power. Odysseus is a smart thinker despite this. Throughout the story, his quick thinking saves him. In Book IX, he thinks quickly to escape the Cyclops’ cave. The wedding sign in Book XXIII hides his murderous plot.

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Odysseus, like past Homeric heroes, seeks glory by returning home. Calypso has a good life in a weird location, and he misses home and yearns to return. In Homeric Greece, wives were just property, managed female servants, and identified heirs and successors. Men were furious rather than heartbroken if their wives preferred other men (n.a. 115). Penelope couldn’t compete with Calypso’s sensuality. The Phaeacians and Circe’s island make him miss home (n.a. 115). Glory frequently gets in the way of coming home.

Early in the Odyssey, Odysseus smiles for the first time. Odysseus grinned boldly after destroying the suitors (Levine 2). No matter how rough the voyage, he makes it home.

The great egoistic warrior, unable to swallow and put aside his pride, wants everyone to know his name, spouse, and parent. Odysseus’ character evolves throughout the narrative via foreshadowing and flashbacks. By the end of the story, he is more patient, craftier and even downplays his role as King of Ithaca, allowing insults from the suitors. So Odysseus develops throughout The Odyssey.