The rip-roaring online games

Following are the rip-roaring online games:


A bright fighting game about robot fighters, arranging spectacular and destructive fights right in the middle of modern megacities. You can fight both alone against AI, and through the network against other users. There is even a mode with 4 players at the same time.

Override: Mech City Brawl features several different robots with a unique fighting style (their number can be expanded through paid DLC), each of which has dozens of different skins. And the arenas presented in the game are stylized as real-life large cities.


2019 fantasy online shooter that transports players to an alternate 1980s Sweden. According to the plot of the game, the territory of the country was suddenly seized by hostile robots, the entire local population disappeared somewhere, and now the main character, in co-op with 3 comrades, must figure out the causes of what happened and put an end to the encroachments of the iron invaders. Generation Zero pleases with modern graphics, complex ballistics, a variety of opponents, as well as a system for changing weather conditions and changing the daily cycle, but it can disappoint with monotonous gameplay and lack of a plot valorant boot.


Action on titanic war machines that throws players into the distant year 3015. According to the plot, humanity has managed to colonize thousands of star systems, but in many of them there are endless wars. Gamers have to control a giant robot and destroy entire cities, as well as crush the armies of their enemies. In total, the game has over 100 variants of combat robots, and pilots can be upgraded.

There is a cooperative PvE mode – you can crush steel skulls together with friends (up to 4 players).


An unusual action tells what would have happened to robots in ancient Rome – they would have been force to take part in fierce gladiator fights. True, the audience would hardly be please with the spectacle without blood, but what is happening on the screen will definitely impress modern gamers who are tire of serious projects about robots.

The player will have to control a mechanical gladiator and crush bots or other gamers with a laser sword in the arena in the literal sense. There is a detailed dismemberment – you can “cut off” the legs and arms of the opponent, cut the body in half, and so on. In practice, this looks without a gram of cruelty, and therefore children can also play the game (if, of course, an adult can break away from it).


Anime action DAEMON X MACHINA tells the story of the uprising of machines against people. In the role of a fully customizable mercenary , the player, sitting behind the wheel of a fairly mobile mech, will have to go to the orbital station and fight giant robots.

If the player’s robot is destroy, then the character will get out of it and continue to fight on its own two feet

In addition to an interesting story component, there is a PvP mode in which you can get things for the pilot and parts for the robot. The only negative of the game is the lack of support for the Russian language. If this does not bother you, then DAEMON X MACHINA will bring a lot of pleasure.


Super Mecha Champions is an interesting variant of the royal battle , offering its participants from time to time to summon large robots that will help turn the tide of battle. There are 10 mechs to choose from, each with its own fighting style, weapons and external features, and the iron fighters themselves came straight from the anime series, so they are quite dexterous and agile.

The gameplay here is the same as in other battle royales, but thanks to mechs it is much more diverse – for example, pilots can jump out of robots and fight on their own two feet, and this outcome is far from losing.


In the epic real-time strategy game Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, players build entire planets, then create units and try to literally destroy their enemy. Titan-class robots will help them with this – huge pieces of iron with destructive weapons capable of incinerating planets, like the Death Star, and doing other terrible, but spectacular things crazygames online

Planetary Annihilation’s online features include team matches of up to 10 people, “every man for himself” mode, and ranked duels with a leaderboard. Although it will not be so easy to play with bots.


Classic RTS that throws us into an alternate world of the 1920s. World War I was follow by a new, more destructive war – in which people use huge dieselpunk robots and other marvels of military technology best crazygames. Get ready for epic battles and destroy everything around with your pieces of iron – thanks to the high level of destructibility , the battles turned out to be quite spectacular.

In addition to the single player campaign, Iron Harvest features 8-player multiplayer with leagues, rankings, amateur matches, and 2-player co-op challenges.