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Arguing that Libran James is the best on the planet, it seems that a lot of crazy Lakers fans are trying to say that Kobe Bryant is the best at the Lebrun level, if not better. But when asked why, Lake’s only response was that Kobe won Game 5. Let’s take a look at the weaknesses of that argument.

The Charlotte Hornets selected Kobe Bryant as the 13th in the 1996 nba중계. Change the franchise and it will be a great game. But on the other side of the country, Kobe has shown unreasonable traits such as a boneless stomach and has been asked to swap competing titles with the Lakers, which allows him to play under the executive director at the club. history of the sport, Phil Jackson.

When the boy found success on his way,

 The reliance imposed by the Hornets became a design opportunity and he headed west. Kobe played his first two seasons under Phil Jackson, though he made his first name with the Lakers in 2000.

Dancing with Shaquille O’Neal at MVP alongside celebrities Glen Rice and Ron Harper, Kobe’s bad score dropped to 35% in his last game with the Indiana Pacers. He can score less than 15 points per game on average, which is slightly higher than Rice and Harper, though Bryant doubles as many others. Fortunately, Kobe carried the undisputed star Shaq – Lakers on his shoulders, and he led the Lakers into the league with 38 points and 17 rebounds per game.

The Philadelphia 76ers ’decision in 2001 was the same old story – Kobe played Robin and Batman Shari – and made the big ballot box for the other two champions. Shaq led all the players to the top with 33 points and 16 games on the board.

A year later, the Lakers faced the difficult task of beating

the King of Sacramento. California’s working neighbors, second place and players, were unknown after the 3rd and 2nd games of the Western Conference Finals. At the time, Kobe not only trusted Shaken for the job, he also called on NBA commissioner David Stern, who, along with lawyers, led the game’s play and story of the difficult game. At the end of the NBA’s crisis, Commissioner Stern ordered referees to “send the system to seven games.” The commissioners were worried about the possibility of a massive series of announcements for the recent launch of King v NetIQ on television and decided in June that at least one commercial auction would play out. the name … and the Franchise Market will choose between The Lakers. Just watch the YouTube video for this game. Former NBA referee and former team captain Tim Dinghy, the worst news in the NBA – Donaghy is in jail, Lakers win, what an old American diploma!

Although the Lakers didn’t have to play in late 2002

Shaq did what Shaq did and won the Lakers 4-0 at the New Jersey Net. Chapters 37 and 13 of the table ball earned him the final MVP award for the third time in a row. Focusing on the Hornet’s past years, Kobe has stood up and lived for Shaq’s glory.

After some progress with the Lakers, Shaq decided it was time to move on: he created his name as best he could, used 3 titles in a row with one hand, and was recognized the effect. Michael Jordan and the Bulls started in the 90s. In his first season without a major player, Kobe led the Lakers to an impressive 34:48 record – a shame for a team that has won 3 games – but is , I think it happened when Batman defeated the game. Robin’s team can’t compete.

Such clear evidence – Kobe’s participation in the Lakers ’last game – made him make his second violin, just like Scottie Pippen’s second violin made by Jordan a few years ago. Without Shaq’s influence, the Lakers would be a central team trying to escape the competition, and Kobe isn’t there.

The difference between Kobe and LeBron is not the number of rings, but the choices they use. Kobe chose an easier and more confident approach: he betrayed the team, allowing himself to be a player with only one win. Libran chose the hardest path, and honored some of the best players, including honoring Jordan and Larry Bird.