Packaging refers to act of designing and producing the container or wrapper of the product. It is more than the pretty face of the product. The objective of packaging Is to protect the product for distribution, store, usage and sell. It is considered as silent salesman.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses create beautiful packages that you want to keep even after consuming the product? and you unpack a product and you’re like ” I can’t throw this away” think of perfumes, phones and other products too.

Some businesses take packaging very seriously because they see it as a major point of customers interacting with their products. And they recognize the great marketing opportunities that represents best packaging services.

The main purpose of testing a package before using it to sell a product is the need to know in advance, how the consumers feel about the package and how effective it as your first sales representatives. 


First is to attract customer attention the average shopper is exposed to over 30000 products in a shopping visit that is in a period of less than 30 minutes now how do you get a customer to pay attention to your product in a context like in a supermarket or in a mall where there’s Soo many products, few products differences exist in some categories and packaging Innovation can sometimes provide a temporary edge on competition that’s why packaging has been called the last five seconds of marketing.


Packaging serves to identify your products the package appearance can become an important means of brand recognition it can aid identification and help the customer to quickly pick out the product. The designers must keep in mind the shelf impact of a package how does it stand out, how noticeable when put against many other products in the context like of a shelf f a supermarket Bigger and brighter packages are not always the better the way some people tend to think but color is always some of the most important design elements in packaging.


A good package can convey persuasive information. The information conveyed or inferred from the package can build or reinforce variable brand associations, it can build preference and it can influence choice some information of course is legally required on the package like infrared thermometer you know we have become more used to have our temperature checked whether in the malls wherever we go because of this pandemic it’s required that you show some information in this package with precaution and parameters, the technical parameters are indicated.


The color is very important in packaging, the color represents many things to many people. In marketing colors are associated with brand personality they say that the product of a certain color takes the values and the meanings that people hold above that color and people tend to associate that with that product in some cases. Various brands or products are associated with the specific color and the personality like connotations that it brings value to discover such insights researchers use you know, qualitative test they do research to find out. They used some techniques like projective techniques to find out the views that people hold about colors. The colors of the packages or products that you’re testing will be impacted and people might give you different messages or rather the wrong information.


We all know that the value of preservation and protection that the package provides so in some products they have several levels of packaging depending on the methods of preservation depending on the type of product and the level of protection that it’s required if it’s fragile of course it will be have even more levels of packaging.


Storage or containment is the basic use that what you need the product but it needs to be stored in something so that’s a basic meaning, value and benefit.


To facilitate product transportation because you need them to be packaged and then put in a box then they will be transported so there will be even another layer of packaging to facilitate transportation.


The benefits of the packaging is to prevent the product from breakage or leakage.


Some of the products didn’t suit heat and they become poisonous or expire so packaging plays a great role to help the product to protect from heat and light.


Packaging attracts the eyes of the customer the attractive the packaging’s the greater the sales so it creates a positive product image.


Customer comes to that product which they like and packaging is the only thing to call to customer to the product so in the same manner packaging promotes sales. The biggest fact of greater sale is packaging.

Remember the following factors when selecting packaging:

  • Always select high quality packaging for your brand.
  • Attractive packaging appeals to customers.
  • Choose environmentally friendly solution.


Packaging is one of the most important and basic thing of the product without packaging the product is priceless like a toffee without wrapper so when the product is available on markets without packaging no one will buy it or even see it. To sum it up the benefits of packaging are fast to attract the customer attention, identify the products, communication between the product and customer, attractive color coding, preservation and protection, storage/ containment, product transportation. These are the benefits of packaging in marketing that every brand or company should keep an before introducing the new products. the customer notice all the things when he or she wants to buy something because they are giving money so they need the best thing in return and the first thing that the customer notice is packaging even the quality comes after. The beautiful the packaging the more the customers come near the product. Packaging designs affect sales because we all do judge book by its cover!