What is Genuine Friendship? And Why We need Friends

Genuine Friendship

It may sound funny but genuine friendship is something that I cherish greatly. I’ll do anything for them, and they’d like to do exactly the same thing for me. Who are you talking about? My friend could be a coworker or a customer, or even an individual from a random Facebook group that I began with. It’s not about the status of the person, or their activities however, it’s about our time with them and the memories we exchange. There are a few basic rules that must not be broken if we desire the best friendships in our life.

Habibi which is a reference to my love my dear. The word is an Arabic term and Habibi meaning to describe those we cherish. Habibi seems to be a sweet word to speak to anyone who you like, and we refer to friends with these names. We have many friends on our list of friends and we refer to them as nicknames. We refer to them as nicknames we love. The word Habibi is used to describe the love of our lives. 

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Friendship – A strong connection:

Friendship is a strong, intimate and long-lasting relationship between two individuals. It is a sentiment of mutual affection and connection between individuals, or a bond among people that is based on shared traits like mutual love and concern for each other. Friendship is also described by the actions that are depicted in a variety of productions such as The Three Musketeers, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Lion King, and The Wizard of Oz it even includes the phrase “true friendship” from the relationship between the three Musketeers “one for all and all for one” and two members of the Four Horsemen “we are two souls cursed by fate to walk the earth until the end of time to search for peace and redemption”.

True Friendship:

True friendship occurs when someone you know and love cherishes every single aspect you cherish. The best friendship comes when you’re the person they are and they cherish all your strengths and they help you to improve your skills.

The most loyal friends will support you regardless of what. They’ll be there for you regardless of the fact that the world goes against you. They’ll help you get from a stressful life situation or get rid of a toxic relationship.

True Friendship is a Gift:

Friendship is truly a treasured gift. It’s something that must be acquired by demonstrating loyalty and kindness and something you’ll keep throughout the time. The words from Henry David Thoreau, “True friendship is never serene. “

Everyone is a buddy when times are good However, it’s the genuine friend to be with you through the difficult times. Reminisce about any time that was difficult that you’ve had in your life, be it a break-up, loss of employment, or an unsatisfactory day at work. Remember the emotions you experienced and the actions you did. It is likely that you felt lonely or overwhelmed. You might have shed tears or vented to your family. But the most important thing is that you made it through it. It’s likely that those friends you were the ones you cried to during that hard period aren’t around now.

There are times that test our relationships and leave us wondering if we’re actually as close to people as we believed we were. The people who remain in those tough times don’t make empty promises or throw out random tips at you. They are there every day to support you through whatever that you’re facing even when they don’t know what they should say to help make things better.