What are your career goals” How to answer with examples

career goals

“What are your career goals?” might seem like a strange and little-used question, but for job seekers – it should be one you know the answer to. This guide will walk you through what your ideal (or not-so-ideal) career path is, as well as how to come up with an answer that gets you the job.

Career Goals: What do you want to be when you grow up

There’s no one right answer to this question, as everyone has different career goals. However, some common goals for people in their twenties include becoming an entrepreneur, starting their own business, or working in a field that they are passionate about. If you want to learn more about specific career paths, check out some of the articles on this blog or on other websites. Let us know what you think about this,

Describe your career goals

I want to be a writer. 

My career goal is to be published and work in the media industry. I hope to one day write for a major publication, and to work with celebrities and influencers.

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What are your Career goals: Sample responses for a job interview

When I interviewed for my last job, the interviewer asked me what I hoped to achieve in the next five years. I told them that I wanted to be a VP of a company or a director at a larger organization. I also mentioned that I wanted to start my own business and work from home at least half of the time. Ultimately, these are just goals- things that I hope to achieve, but they’re not my only goals. My ultimate goal is to be happy and fulfilled in what I do, and if those goals line up with what the company wants and needs, then that’s great!

Why Is It Important to Have a Career Goal

Firstly, the job interview aside, you should have a career goal simply because it’s beneficial to you. 

Lets talk about why it is important to have a career goal.

 A Career Goal is a Process not an Event. It’s important to remember that when you have a career goal, you are going through a process. You’re going through the process of making yourself better and getting fit for the job that you want.

The thing about getting fit for your goal is that it involves flexibility. Flexibility is really important when it comes to success. It means that you can adjust easily in order to meet your goals. When you have a career goal, you have a process that you are going through and you have to be flexible in that process. Throughout your journey there will be times when you are not exactly where you want to be. You may feel like giving up but that’s okay because after all it doesn’t matter where you started so long as you start somewhere.You should also keep in mind that if the goal was worth pursuing why would it matter where you started? The only person who can tell if your goal is worth pursuing is you so don’t listen to what others say.


If you want to become an author, start by writing articles for your local blog. This will help you increase your online presence and credibility. Once you have established yourself as an authority in your field, you can look into publishing books or creating online courses. If you’re interested in becoming a journalist, start by writing articles for local newspapers or magazines. Once you’ve built up a following, you can look into submitting pieces to larger publications. Finally, if you want to work in the nonprofit sector, start by writing grant proposals or working on social media campaigns. By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your career goals. We hope this article on what are your career was helpful to you. You can write to us letting us know your feedback.