Historical Use Of Embroidery Services in United Kingdom

The art of designing fabric with other materials like thread or yarn with a needle is called Embroidery. The word Embroidery is taken from the French word Broderie meaning embellishment. This includes the use of Beads, Quills, Pearls, Sequins, etc. There are several on site and online companies in U.K that offer quality personalization patch work. We gathered few of them below are:

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Embroidery is applied on caps, dresses, hats, coats, salwar kameez,  pants, trousers, etc. There are stitches of older times like chain stitch, running stitch, blanket stitch and satin stitch, etc. Embroidery looks beautiful on dresses when it comes to creating a unique and identical look.

History of embroidery in the  UK

Embroidery is practiced all around the world, but eventually, it is originated from China around 3500 B.C, and in Middle East at early times, but a part of region embroidery has been practiced over the period of time all around the World, By 1500 A.D it was become royal in Europe till 1700 thread and bead embroidery gained popularity. However in England Embroidery was done by Anglo-Saxons and is still done till date they came over in 5th century from mainland Europe in 5th century. The oldest English Embroidery includes from the early 10th century in Durham Cathedral and in 11th century Bayeux Tapestry. Later on they enhanced English Embroidery by using metal thread and silk in it.

Embroidery Types

There are several types of Embroidery mentioned below

Counted Thread Embroidery

Counted Thread Embroidery is called the embroidery which is done by counting thread in every stitch on cloth, regular stitches are generated, Cross stitch is another technique of counted thread embroideries. Blackwork Embroidery is also a known technique among artists of Embroidery.

Outline Embroidery

Outline Embroidery consists of different types of stitches like stem stitch, back stitch, chain stitch and outline stitch, In this technique, stitches are made through overlapping the backstitches and forming a new pattern.

Whitework Embroidery

Whitework Embroidery is implemented on white cloth through the white thread, It is also called French Laid work, This also includes different sorts of embroidery techniques such as the Broderie Anglaise and shadow work etc.

Candlewicking Embroidery

It is the technique in which the pure heavy cotton thread on the raw muslin. Candle Wicking Embroidery is known as “Traditional Embroidery Technique” because it practice the old method called “colonial knot”, Candle Wicking Embroidery is another form of whitework embroidery technique.

Patchwork Embroidery

Patchwork Embroidery consists of the work of that small pieces of textile are gathered to other fabric material. They are organized esthetically. Machines and hand stitches are used in this technique. Patch work technique is used to decorate any sort of apparels, It is also used for marketing and branding.

Shadow Work Embroidery

Shadow Work Embroidery consists of Herringbone stitch which is used on translucent or semi- translucent fabrics. So the it can be visible to the fabric in a beautiful sense. This Embroidery work on a  light-weight fabric such as georgette, voile, lawn, organza, organdie, muslin and others.

Fish Scale Embroidery

Fish Scale Embroidery uses scale of fishes such as Goldfish etc to make Embroidery Designs. This Embroidery done on velvet. In this technique fish is prepared and then holes are created at the base.