The power of the media and sports

Saint Petersburg, Russia - October 03, 2018: LCD display screen on a High Definition TV camera.

It is no secret that the relationship between sports and the media continues to bear fruit, especially as we focus on the world of football. What started as a professional marketing campaign in the 1960’s has become a major business venture, relying on the power of sports marketing to generate millions of revenue each year. Television and digital age

With the advent of television, the game gained momentum among all its fans. But in the 1990’s, businesses that took advantage of the competition epl중계 moved to another level.

This large network is investing heavily in creating unique channels,

 With a specially designed sports program, 24 hours a day. How can technological change make the audience a new paradise? Today, videos, social media and games must be used on social media, such as websites, social media and social media, among others. After all, entertainment is a form of entertainment that should satisfy the needs of the audience.

All of this has happened and new problems and conflicts will continue to arise regarding the legal aspects of the use of media and sports rights. What work are we currently in?

The power of social media and film and sports

When it comes to commercial broadcasting, the first and foremost factor to consider is the power of television. These skills will then be evaluated and discussed in two or more different contexts. First of all, we have the rights to photographs of athletes, who participate in competitions and advertising. Typically, the first conversation takes place between the players themselves – whether for the sake of it or not – and the editors, competitors or team teams. It’s a competition. However, the involvement of companies that control the ability to misuse the image of players has increased. The process has begun to see justice done, with the approval of various fraud cases and agreements signed by its members.

Finally, the transfer of image rights to the media

 It must be agreed between the group – or the other party responsible for organizing the event – as well as the company responsible for filming and filming the event.

Their rights and values ​​in Spain

Rights can be defined, in a simple way, rights that everyone knows and allows them to protect the legal rights, production and commercial use of their images.