Expert Tips for Better University Assignment Writing

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The word “assignment” can strike fear into the heart of even the most talented student. And if you are a university student, you will have to face plenty of assignments in your academic career. This is because university assignments come with certain grades added to your final grade at the end of your academic year and help to sum up your total GPA. More reason to worry right?

However, writing your assignments needs to be such a drag. With the right kind of guidance and formula, you can write the best assignments in class and get those tip grades you always wanted. And no, I am not talking about availing of online university assignment help. I am about to share with you some expert university assignment writing tips that Harvard students swear by!

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

University Assignments – An Overview

Writing your university assignments is way different from how you had written assignments for school and college. Universities are serious places and expect students to be equally serious with their studies. So, you have to write your assignment answers exactly in the way your professor told you in class. And no, you can’t have extra time because your internet died.

University assignments follow a specific structure and must be submitted within the deadline mentioned. Moreover, you will be tackling different types of assignments in your student life at university. Some of them are:

  • Essays
  • Essay-type answers
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers
  • Reflective writing
  • Report writing
  • Thesis
  • Case studies
  • Lab reports
  • Term papers
  • Academic publications

Thus, it can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed since each assignment is written in a particular style and follows a specific format. So, how do you deal with different university assignments and write them perfectly for great scores? You simply follow the tips outlined below!

University Assignment Writing Tips

With the right kind of approach, mindset and determination, you can tackle all your university assignments. And the first step has a clear mind. Then, start writing your assignments in a quiet place, like your study or even a library. If your grey cells arise with coffee, then cafes are your place. And with this being said, follow the expert tips outlined below.

  • Do Your Reading

Before writing any assignment, you must read your notes and resources. Your course or program module will have reading notes that your professor will provide to you in class. You may also have a couple of textbooks from where you need to pick up and understand critical concepts about your subject. Reading your notes and study materials thoroughly has two benefits.

First, it helps you understand your assignment questions. Second, it helps you get mentally prepared for writing your assignments. Thus, before starting any assignment, you must read all available data sources and make efforts to get access to additional sources. Also, you should make sure that your study materials and notes contain essential information that you need while writing your answers.

  • Check Your Assignment Deadline

You should check your assignment deadline and keep a tab on it to ensure you don’t submit your assignments late. Universities don’t have a soft corner for late submissions, and you can get a huge portion of your grades cut or even fail your assignment.

So, it helps to plan your assignments accordingly, so you never submit a single assignment late. Allot time researching, writing and proofreading your answers and organising your schedule accordingly.

  • Research And Research

There is no end to the amount of research you can carry out for writing your university assignments. You will never run out of content to write when you research thoroughly. Research is so critical in writing university assignments that sometimes, carrying out proper research is the key to scoring high.

When you research properly, you can write your answers in detail and impress your professors with your knowledge and understanding of your subject. However, you should keep in mind that you should carry out research from authentic and factual sources only. Try to search for academic publications, scholarly articles, research papers and scientific journals.

  • Make An Outline

It can be tempting to start writing your assignment right away, however, the key is to wait and plan. Plan how you want to write your answers. Take a rough sheet of paper and jot down keywords you want to use in your final answers.

Check your assignment writing rubric and note all the points your professor wants to be included in your answers. Plan your final in a way where you can incorporate all your research, and also make sure you have followed the assignment writing guidelines.

  • Write Your Answers

While writing your answers, you must follow a proper structure. This makes it easier for your professor to read and interpret your words. Every university assignment is written in a proper structure. You can contact your professor to know about the correct structure if you want. You can also search online for your assignment structure.

Whatever your means, make sure that you write your answers in the appropriate structure. Take care not to use complicated words, and keep your sentences short. Use paragraphs and space breaks wherever needed. Also, avoid writing chunky paragraphs that will only bore your readers.

  • Add References

If you are not adding references in your answers, you can kiss goodbye to high grades. Or worse, you can also be penalized for plagiarism. This is why you should always try to include references in your answers wherever applicable. Also, make sure you follow the referencing style specified in your assignment writing rubric.

Assignments are written in different referencing styles, so make sure you follow the one suited to your assignment needs. For example, sociology assignments are cited using the APA style of referencing. So, you need to be aware of which referencing style you should use in your answers.

  • Proofread Your Answers

This is the last step in writing your assignments which several students forego. However, if you avoid this last step, you may lose out on top grades. This is because proofreading helps you eliminate errors in your answers and makes them flawless. Your assignments can have different types of errors in them like spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors, syntax errors, incorrect formatting, etc.

Proofreading helps you rectify all such errors and ensures your content is polished. Also, when you proofread your answers thoroughly, you get to rewrite certain sentences in a way that suits the needs of your assignment more aptly. If you have trouble proofreading manually, you can always use online proofreading software to make your task easier.


Writing your university assignments isn’t that hard if you are a bright student. However, you can write the best answers in class and pass them out with flying colors with sincerity, hard work, and determination. Also, make sure to incorporate the economics homework help tips outlined above for extra advantage.