top new song download sites

It basically works as a kind of radio service that has amazing music, like you are listening to a radio station, but with the option to download music. The only problem is that not all songs offer this option, but at least you don’t have to register to download the ones that are available. You can enter this virtual radio through the link!


Vireo is well known for the videos it posts, especially the short ones, but it also has a music archive.

Many of the songs are paid, but you can find some for free. The annoying thing is that you have to register and log in every time you want to download music. You can access Vimeo with the link !

This is one of the oldest music websites on the internet! Still, it doesn’t have as vast a song library as the other sites mentioned on this list.

But you can always find amazing songs there, especially from young artists who share their work on the site you want to hear it for. You can access the site through the link .


There are those who convert YouTube videos into audio files with the help of other websites or apps, but you can also find various copyright-free new song download with the download link in the description of the videos.

If you’re looking for something like that, type “Creative Commons” in your search. This is especially useful for those who want to make their own videos but can’t afford the copyright for the background music.

Indie Shuffle turns out to be a great place for you to meet more independent musicians. In fact, this is why you can download music for free without any problem.

There are many different music genres for you to choose from and explore, so it’s a great option for the more eclectic. Click the link to view the site .

Band camp

Like the previous site, Bandcamp is a good place to meet independent artists. Usually, the musicians themselves upload their albums and songs to the site, which is a very interesting touch.

Also, each artist has a personalized section on the site, which makes the experience more enjoyable. Just like the other sites, you can also get song suggestions based on your interests. Click the link to view the site .

All Music

All Music is another very interesting site with a huge music library. There are many recent albums and the site has detailed information about the artists and their albums.

There are also album reviews, which can help you know what is or isn’t worth listening to. Like some of the other sites, it offers music suggestions based on your personal taste. Click here to check it out .

Music leer

Music leer is quite a big and popular site to download music for free. You can use it directly in the browser or on mobile devices.

Basically, you can search for the music you want and the top results from different sources are displayed. Click the link to view the site .


FreeMP3 is one of the most popular music search services on the web. You just have to enter the name of the song you want to download in mp3 format in the corresponding field and click on the search button.

A list of results will appear and next to each one you will see a play button and a download button. In other words, from this website you will be able to play the song before downloading it. Click here to find out more!


To finish off our list, we have CCTrax, a website more focused on electronica, club, techno, house, downtempo, and background music.

A great advantage of CCTrax is that you can download entire albums for free without even having to register on the page.Did you know these websites to download free music to your PC or Mac?

Which music download website do you use and like the mo