Abide By Meaning

What Does The Word Abide By Meaning?

Abide is to accept or behave in line with. To be unable to endure is another definition of the word “abide.” A rule, decision, or advice is abided by when one agrees with it. Other common terms like obey, follow, uphold, listen, acknowledge, bear, stand, etc. might be used in lieu of the word “abide.” “To bear patiently or to endure without yielding” is how the word “abide” is defined in the bible. Abide may also be used to describe the action of accepting without protest.

The ancient English word “abidan” and the English word “bide” are combined to form the term “abide.” “To live” is an ancient meaning of the word “abide.” Another definition of abide is to be able to stand with something; conversely, if you are unable to stand with something, you cannot abide by it. For instance, the employee will undoubtedly lose his job if he chooses not to adhere to the contract. To abide means to pay for, accept the consequences of, or endure something. Sometimes, following rules is beneficial for us, but we should only sometimes follow the law; as a result, you should always consider the consequences before following a rule.

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Examples Of Word Abide Usage Include:

  • No construction legal hypothec may be levied against the property if this need for documented data is broken.
  • After the guys pledged to follow the court’s decision, the men’s contempt case was dropped.
  • The Board has consistently maintained that it will obey any ruling of the court.
  • There are set laws that must be followed if you are complicated in the Twilight Zone.
  • Don’t destroy the temples and cemeteries belonging to the neighborhood and to those who follow the laws and regulations of the state.
  • Monitors are subject to the same laws and regulations as other participants in the voting process.
  • Because, like most men, we find it intolerable when our supposed better halves do secret operations or emit sub-Arctic temperatures.
  • The union is upset with the treatment of the 12 holdouts because they refuse to follow the new rule.
  • It is expected that the street vendors would follow the rules set forth by the city to maintain orderly and clean streets.
  • However, Zack can’t stand it when someone else wants a few seconds of privacy. He frequently interrupts and makes himself known.


What Does the Hebrew Word Abide By Meaning?

A-bid’ is an Old English term that denotes “await,” “remain,” “lodge,” “sojourn,” “dwell,” “continue,” and “endure.” It is amply reflected in the King James Version of the Old Testament by 12 Hebrew words and the New Testament by an equal number of Greek words.

What Is an Example of Abide?

Obey is to accept and follow (something). We have to follow the guidelines. They pledge to follow our ruling.

What Is The Origin Of The Word Abide?

Etymology. From Middle English abyden, from Old English bdan (“to abide, wait, remain, delay, remain behind; survive; wait for, await; expect”), from Proto-Germanic *uzbdan (“to expect, tolerate”), which is akin to a- + bide.

What Does It Mean To Survive In Christ?

A verb is “abide.” It is in use. Being a follower of Christ is something we do, not something we feel or believe. There is much more to what it means to “remain” or “stay” than just maintaining one’s faith in the Savior. John 15:5 uses the analogy of a vine and a branch to explain this enduring relationship further.

Is Abide the Same as Follow?

(Abide By Meaning) to carry out a command, decision, or regulation. They pledged to adhere to the competition’s regulations. Synonyms and words that are similar. To submit to someone’s authority or to follow a law or regulation.