Women role in sport

In Pearl there is a gender secretary that was formed a year ago and which is chaired by Patricia López, who is also the substitute for President Ignacio Rogelio. In January 2021, the first full women’s board of directors was held. “The idea from the beginning was to work on equity within the club, we look for different instances to work on equality, gender violence and discrimination,” Lopez told Ovation, adding that “today there are many more women working within the club as members of commissions. There are four of us in the gender secretariat and we are in the same representation as the board of directors. We are one for each of the groups”.

Marcelo Bonjour.

Lopez explained: “I have been in Pinero for many years as part of the youth commission; before I felt more alone, we were fewer women. Now, added to a lot of disciplines that have been formed, I am seeing that we are much more 해외축구 중계사이트 in these places”.

Patricia, 34, added: “We work in the secretariat in an integral way. One of the things that we are going to work on this year is the workshops related to gender and discrimination, and we are not only going to do it with the female squad, but also with the male ones”.

In addition, Lopes said that “there are more and more fans and members present in the stadiums, although the number of male members is still much higher in Pearly. The world of football is not easy for women, and society is quite chauvinistic, imagine yourself in football… It is still being rebuilt”.

Tatiana Villaverde, meanwhile,

Joined the official list of José Fuentes in the National elections and for many years she has dedicated time to her love club. She is responsible for the social secretariat of the tricolor and was part of the training coordinator for six years.

Tatiana Villaverde.  PHOTO: Stefani Leal.“I have not encountered difficulties due to the fact of being a woman, I always felt very comfortable at National and I was always given my place. Now the president José Fuentes It opened the doors for me, it has given me the place to work in what I like because it is my passion. I would love for there to be more women working at National but I understand that it is more difficult for women because of the role we are assigned in society today, because you have tasks like mine, that you have to have time to carry out and they are honorary. I am fortunate to work on my own and have family support that allows me to create spaces for the club. I am the mother of a two-year-old girl and there are times that I take her with me, I don’t make a lot of drama. I also have the support of my husband and my family, but it doesn’t always happen and maybe that’s where the difference between the number of men and women comes from. That in the positions of directors and commissions, because later there are many female officials,