Z10 PRO MAX formula


Formula Z10 Pro Max Formula Z10 Pro Max the new Formula Z10 Pro Max makes it easy to see high-quality content on the big screen.

With 4 GB of RAM, you can easily run the most demanding applications. Level 1 integrated wide suspension

Unlock access to DRM, premium and ultra-high definition content.

The fastest 4GB RAM and 32GB storage plan ever

Simple and elegant home screen

The Formuler Z10 SE home screen is ad-free and makes it easy to find and launch your favorite apps and content.

Set the location of your favorite apps and add content to your home screen directly from Formulerstore4u.

The unique Formularstore4u platform is the best multimedia viewing platform in the market, providing users with an advanced and professional user interface. With extensive optimization and seamless integration with Android systems and built-in players, users can play almost any media format and easily expand menus at full speed.

Advanced PVR recording and time shifting

Simultaneous recording of screen time and time difference. Pause and rewind live TV. Play main cheat mode: fast forward, rewind: x2, x4, x8, x16 speeds. Resume the current live broadcast from the beginning.

Movie-like video-on-demand experience

User-friendly interface and features: track status, resume reading, recently viewed lists, favorites. Premium Metadata: Watch movie trailers, streams, photos, and recaps

Powerful multi-screen picture-in-picture (Pip)

You can easily watch two live events simultaneously on your TV screen.

You can easily switch directly between the main channel and the Pip channel to support actions on two different channels.

True Color HDR

Stream HDR content to compatible HDR TVs for vibrant, lifelike color detail in even the darkest shadows and brightest highlights. HDR displays a wider color gamut, brighter whites and deeper blacks to create a more natural, beautiful and lifelike image.

Regular OTA software updates

Regular free software updates and new features and improvements are always there.

What’s in the box?

Media receiver

Pick up

Cable television

Extension cable for the remote control



Simple tips

Technical specifications

Output resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)