Problems That You Can Easily Fix by Picking the Right Virtual Meetings Platform

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There must be a lot of problems that one may face if they choose the wrong virtual meeting platform. So, you must attain complete knowledge of the features and functionalities that can be beneficial to hosting a successful virtual event. You can resolve all the issues without the hassle by taking the right virtual meeting platform. 

Do you want to know the problems you can fix with the right virtual meeting solutions?

Hence, here are the various problems with the solutions. 

  1. Technical Issues Affecting the Streaming of Virtual Events

You may face a lot of technical problems when it comes to hosting a virtual team meeting. But the technical issues are the problem of your virtual event solutions. You can readily get a solution to this problem with the best virtual meeting platform. 

The right virtual event solution provides seamless features making such troubles not happen. You can take a test run of the virtual event platform. The experts try their best to ensure that no technical problems related to any parts appear. You can check every session and part of the virtual meeting platform to ensure that everything is working perfectly. 

  1. Distant Time Zones

You may sit in a different country where the time zone may differ. But the attendees can also get the on-demand video recording. Moreover, you have to choose a more reasonable time that suits everyone. Do not just look for a time that suits you and your team. It has to be perfect for everyone. 

You have to conduct your virtual event at a time convenient for everyone interested in your event. This way, you can attain great attention and registration for your virtual event. So, you must add this step to your planning. When you decide the time and date for your virtual event, you must look for a time that can fit everyone. 

  1. Problems Joining Online Meetings

Your attendees may find it hard to join the virtual event platform. Moreover, they may need to download an app or software, which may trouble them. It really becomes a problem to download a new app or software for a new virtual event. So, you must look for a web-based virtual team meeting platform. It will provide an easy way to click on the link and join the virtual event directly from their browser. In conclusion, No need to download any app or software!

  1. Communication Gap the Attendees and Everyone at the Event

You may face communication gaps as a virtual AGM platform requires a lot of tools and features that can be helpful in seamless communication. So, you must reach the best virtual corporate meeting platform. They will provide you with live chat, audio, and video call options. You can connect with each attendee with 1:1 or group using the chatting option or audio and video conferencing. Also, you can integrate the external plugins, such as WhatsApp, Zoom Meeting, BlueJeans, etc. You can easily connect with anyone at the virtual event and interact without hassle. 

  1. Problems with Equipment and Experience

You may face some experience in providing a seamless experience to the users. So, you need the right virtual town hall meeting platform. It will provide you with numerous features and functionalities that you can use during the virtual event. For instance, You can get the: 

  1. AI matchmaking provides you suggestions of the attendees with similar interests as you.
  2. Gamification to engage the attendees at your virtual event and make them enjoy the virtual meeting to the fullest. Users can play AR/VR games and stay till the virtual meeting. 
  3. Hoot, clap, thumb ups, heart, and emoticons to engage the attendees during the sessions. Users can use the hoot and clap sound to encourage the speaker during the session and other emoticons to appreciate the experts. 
  4. Leaderboard to make your attendees explore all the parts of the virtual event. You can set a score for every touchpoint, auditorium, session, breakout room, and other areas of the online meeting platform. 
  5. AR photo to take selfies and make the event memorable. Attendees can take multiple photos that they can download and upload on their social media accounts. Also, they can create a gif using the various photographs. 
  6. Robust data tracking to get a complete overview of your virtual event. You can know everything from the number of registrations and number of logins to attendees’ footprints. Moreover, you can learn all the movements of the users. It shares the most and least engaging booth, part, and other features. 

So, these are the various problems that you can fix efficiently with the right virtual meeting platform. You can host a better virtual event, all thanks to the features and functionalities provided by the top virtual meeting platform. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in fixing all the problems with the virtual corporate meeting platform.