Site Plan For The Building Application

Official site plan

A site plan in accordance with the Ordinance on Structural Inspections (BauPrüfVO) is required for the building application, for the registration of a building encumbrance or for the granting of a division permit. The site plan contains a variety of information that is needed to assess the application. These are, among other things, the cadastral information on borders and owners, the topographical inventory, the planned object, the permitted and planned structural use, the drainage and much more. The scope of the entries depends on the purpose of the site plan and the requirements of the building permit authority.

Who can create the site plan?

Under certain conditions, the Site plan must be prepared by a cadastral office or by a publicly appointed surveyor and notarized with public faith (official site plan) . This is particularly the case if the boundaries of the building plot have not been measured correctly, there are border developments on the building plot or on adjacent plots of land, or there is a building encumbrance on the building plot or on the adjacent plots of land.

If there are special property conditions, in particular as a result of the confusing course of the boundaries of the building plot due to boundary projections or boundary bends, and an official site plan is not required, the site plan can also be prepared by a surveyor who is a member of a chamber of engineers. In all other cases, these building templates can also be prepared by the draftsman of the application.

Legal bases in general

  • Ordinance on Structural Tests (BauPrüfVO)
  • Surveying and valuation cost regulation NRW
  • Building regulations for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia – state building regulations


Planning documents for the construction project


The fees depend on the area of ​​the application property, the standard land value and the plan type of the official site plan in accordance with the Building Inspection Ordinance and apartments for sale in Islamabad.