Significance of Accommodation for Umrah Spree 

Significance of Accommodation for Umrah Spree 

Umrah is a spiritual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca’s Epicenter the Holy Kaaba. Unlike Hajj, it is a non-obligatory ritual and not time-bound at all. But the Muslims from all over the world undertake their Umrah journey with utmost religious zeal and zest. The beauty of this journey lies in the fact that it is not time-specific and you can plan it whenever in a year you want.

For this, an upcoming New Year’s Spring is an ideal time to perform your hassle-free and easy Umrah. In order to do this, prior planning for this spiritual journey is necessary. Furthermore, to embark on a safe and secure Umrah journey with reasonable expenses, you must consult a trusted and authorized travel company and go through their facilitated Umrah Packages – Muslims Holy Travel amiably offered by them. These packages must provide you with all the amenities and facilities including Visa Processes, Flights, Accommodation and Transportation.

Significance of Accommodation for an Umrah Journey

Every Umrah performer wants his spiritual journey laid back, memorable and as convenient as possible. Particularly, when it is about your couple or family Umrah, you have to be choosy about the matter of accommodation. Because within family Umrah you have your parents or kids accompanying you along with your whole bag and baggage. You cannot make your spiritual voyage comfortable without selecting a hotel which best suits your needs and budget

Distance from the Holy Kaaba – the Nearer, the Merrier

It is really important to choose a location/hotel proximal to the Mecca’s Epicenter Holy Kaaba. Because the more you go farther from Kaaba, the more traveling or stress you have to face. During your Spring Umrah, the Saudi weather conditions are fair and favorable to the large distances can be managed.

However, the Umrah in summers is comparatively troublesome and hassle-filled. Because the temperature rises up to the extreme. It becomes very difficult for you to walk from your hotel to Kaaba if the distance is more than a half kilometer. Moreover, the cost and expenses spent during traveling are much higher or even skyrocketed. The precious time allocated for the devotional prayers and ritual perks may be wasted in your traveling.

Cater to your Needs and Demands

It is the heart of the human desire to get the best of the best for himself and his family. Every individual has different likes and dislikes, needs and requirements. Moreover, as far as your family is concerned, you have to keep their convenience in mind to provide them with a hassle-free and everlastingly memorable spiritual experience.  So while choosing the hotel for stay don’t do an undue compromise on your inevitable needs and requirements when your family or women are concerned.

Keeping in View Your Budget

When you embark on your Umrah journey, it is pretty obvious that you have to keep your budget in mind. So the same goes for your choice of hotel accommodation.  Furthermore, different hotels offer different rooms at different prices. You must explore various options in this regard and you will find that there is a reasonable variation in the prices of different hotels and their rooms respectively.

Make a Sound Research on the different offers of your travel company

While looking for the sound accommodation services being provided by your chosen travel company, it is highly recommended to go through all the Umrah packages ranging from 5 stars to 3 Star Umrah packages. Compare and contrast the prices of the hotels of your company with the prices of other travel companies working on a similar radar. It is highly recommended to go through various options before having a final decision. Never rush for a quick hotel reservation as it may result in the loss of exorbitant amount of money. Be calm, conduct researches and compare the available offers. Choose the best suitable hotel for you and your family.

Hotel Facilities and fares

According to the facilities and fares provided by the hotels in different Umrah packages, we categorize hotels into 3 types that include:

3-Star Hotels

These are the hotels that are not luxurious at all but they provide you with all basic necessities that a pilgrim needs during his Umrah

4-Star Hotels

It is one step ahead of the 3 stars one in terms of price and accommodation. It is better in quality than the 3-star hotel.  The 4-star hotels significantly maintain the budget constraints in the best possible ways in order to cater to the needs of their customers.

5-Star Hotels

This is the topmost category of hotels that provides you with all the basic requisites and extra amenities you dream and desire for your best spiritual Umrah experience.

Be on Middle Ground or Choose Cheap

Moreover, if you wisely choose a cheaper hotel, you would have a longer stay. So you would be able to perform Umrah multiple times in a single visit without spending much.

However, in terms of budget and personal requirements, it is suggested to stay on the middle ground by choosing the four-star packages. Spend a reasonable amount of money as extravagance is not liked in our religion.

Saudi Arabia- A Country of Hotels

The travel companies offer pre-decided hotel accommodations that are indelible and can’t be changed or replaced. Whereas if you choose to have Umrah by yourself you would find a plentiful of various all-category hotels bestowing rooms at different fares.

However, the authorized travel agents burn their midnight oil in creating the best possible facilities for their pilgrims. So you should consider them as well.

Choose the Best Spring Umrah Packages

It is feasible for Muslims particularly the UK dwellers to choose Spring Season to undertake their Umrah journey. In order to have exuberant and blessed Umrah, they must smartly choose their best suited Spring Umrah packages including hotels near to the sacred vicinity of the Holy Kaaba