Writing a Sincere Thank-You Message in 6 Steps

Sincere Thank-You Message

Customers can show their appreciation for your business in many ways, from offering big tips to sending heartfelt letters to ordering more products. When you want to thank a customer for his or her kind efforts, follow these six steps to write the perfect appreciation note.

1. Pick the Right Card

First, choose a card from Cards for a Cause that you think your customer will enjoy. If you don’t know him or her well, pick one without too many images or jokes. For a customer you’ve known for a while, have fun choosing a card that will make him or her smile.

2. Start Personally

If you start your note with “Dear valued customer” or another generic salutation, your customer is unlikely to finish the letter. Instead, begin by writing “Hi,” “Dear,” or “Greetings,” followed by the addressee’s name. If you haven’t corresponded before, use his or her title and last name. 

3. Address the Reason You’re Writing

Next, explain why you’re writing to your customer. If the front of your card mentions your purpose, your Cards for a Cause product choice may help you get started. Either way, dive into the specifics of your purpose so the letter doesn’t seem generic. For example, if a customer sent doughnuts to your office to thank your employees, mention how much everyone enjoyed the treat.

4. Share Personal Connections

Spend a few lines describing why the gesture was meaningful. Perhaps the customer’s message or gift came on a day when you were having a hard time. Perhaps you weren’t sure whether anyone appreciated your efforts. Be honest and open and share any memories that come to mind. 

5. Thank the Customer

Even if you began your card by thanking the customer, don’t forget to demonstrate your appreciation again as you come to the end of your Cards for a Cause note. Add that you hope to thank him or her in person soon.

In some cases, you may want to include a coupon for your store or a free shipping offer. Before adding a coupon, consider whether this will offend your customer. Additionally, do not offer to pay the customer back for food or other gifts, unless you are unable to accept presents under federal law. 

6. Choose the Right Sign-Off

Once you’ve written everything you need to say, leave room at the end of your card for a signature. Introduce your name with a cheerful complimentary close:

  • Sincerely
  • Yours truly
  • Cordially
  • Cheers
  • Gratefully
  • All the best

Try not to use the phrase “Kind regards,” which has negative connotations. Also, unless you know that you and your addressee have similar religious beliefs, it’s best to avoid “Blessings” and other spiritual send-offs.

Follow the word or phrase with a comma, and sign your name below. If your signature is hard to read or you don’t think the customer will know who you are, print your name and title below the signature.

Pick a professional thank-you card and use these six steps to demonstrate to your customers how much you appreciate their kindness and business.